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    Could you save and upload it in a better folder?
    in the elementor plugin folder instead?
    Can you remove the .zip in the folder name?
    Can you remove the numbers after fontello?


    is a long path and does not look nice can you place it in elementor or your own plugin folder and remove all clutter in the urls?

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  • Plugin Author Michael Bourne



    This has absolutely no effect on your website. Thank you for asking, however. Largely the answer to all of the above is no. Changing any of those wouldn’t be a valuable use of anyone’s time.


    Why did you even develop it to be placed like this. Hmm it’s a mess in upload folder to mix non media libraries with other files such as fonts. and using dot in a folder path is not url best practice.

    It’s not about always making a change backend or frontend it’s about map and structure it in good manner as well.


    The fontello name I understand I failed Ok my bad just tried your plugin. Will the whole path be custom as I name it to or will it be fontello-custom-name?

    The .zip dots should not be on in a folder structure bad URL practice.

    .zip and fontello-random-name fix and I’m good 😉

    Some affect the site architecture and url landscape but I’m a picky person and like to keep the code and urls clean and follow best practice.

    I’m just trying to solve my picky issues I’m very happy with the plugin otherwise, give you a 5 star if we can solve the .zip and fontello-name. If the fontello name will be 100% custom if i name it right then we just have the .zip files to sort out 😉

    Plugin Author Michael Bourne


    The 2 names you don’t link can be customized by you.


    The first is the name of the zip file, which I need in case a user changes the file name (which you have in the above example). You can rename it, but as it stands, I can’t drop the extension.

    The second is the name of the folder inside fontello’s zip, which you could also change prior to uploading. The plugin knows fontello uses this structure though, so it needs that second folder. It doesn’t however need that random name.

    I could change the entire plugin to simply grab the files I need and store them all in a custom location, yes, but that would be a large reworking of the code and I would have to account for backwards compatibility. Not something I’m willing to do at this point for something that’s basically superficial.

    I’ll add it to my suggestions list for a possible future rebuild of the plugin though.

    Thanks, I will change when using on live. But why is the .zip needed to be used in the URL path? Wouldn’t that be possible to remove from the path? Or allow user to upload folder instead of zip. But assume zip is best to be uploaded but stripped of just as a plugin installation functionality.

    100% get your point as well no though about that.

    Thanks Michael, hope to at least see the removal of .zip.

    elementor_icons_files and change this to “-” which is space 😉

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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