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    I notice wordpress changes both single and double quotations to html entities like ’. On my page, when viewing with (default) Unicode encoding, these characters look as if they’re written in a different font. If I switch to view in Western European (Windows) encoding they are okay, although the double quotes always appear as opening quotes regardless of their position around a phrase.

    Without changing the default Unicode encoding, how can I make quotation marks appear correctly? Can I change how WordPress encodes them, or which entities it encodes them to?

    The mismatched font problem occurs only in Internet Explorer for me, while the opening double quotation mark problem occurs in both IE and FireFox. Here is an example page, with both double and single quotes:

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  • Curly quotes might not work unless you put your quotation marks outside other punctuation marks such as periods, commas, question marks, etc.

    For example, “It might not work if you do this”.

    But this, on the other hand, “just might work out fine.”

    Well, there’s a grammatical difference between the two, so I’m not willing to fudge my punctuation to work around a bug.

    I’d be happy having double quotations neutral, like in the font used here, so that there is no left or right quotes. However, in order to just change the font, I’d have to have the quotes appearing in the correct font in the first place. I’d still like some help with that.

    Try a search for “curly quotes” – it has been asked several times… and some solutions have been offered.

    Thanks, moshu. Information is much easier to come by when you know the terminology.

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