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  • I instaled this plugin and it looks very ugly, I expected a nicer default template. I tried to configure it but there are too many fields and it is very confusing. I am a web developer and still I get confused, lots of unknown terms like (Field Pre-Follow DIV, CAPTCHA reload image alignment, etc) too hard to manage, the plugin is not responsive, I deactivated it asap and moved to another one.

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  • Hi @paulalexandru thank you for your review and 3 star rating. If you don’t mind can you share a few of the areas of the plugin you found complicated and confusing? The developer is always looking at improving the plugin.

    In regards to your comment.

    the plugin is not responsive,

    I have tested this many times over and the plugin is responsive.

    Thank you


    1. Design and responsiveness out of the box

    Take a look at this picture, in the left side it is your contact form and in the right side there is another contact free form, both out the box. Your contact form is tiny, it looks bad and unstyled. In the same time it has some fixed (max-width) set out from the box which makes the form tiny and that’s why you see the big white space in the right. The other form does not have a width set, it’s 100% like every responsive field, it will get smaller when you resize your browser. We don’t need you to set a default width for the form because we can do that our selfs depending on our needs. In fact, I think that I don’t even need to explain why the right form looks better because I think it is very clear that it looks better whitout me having any modification to do at all. (install/activate/finish)

    2. Complicated and confusig areas

    I guess this is a joke right? Or an irony right? I mean, have you ever loged in admin and checked the admin side of this template? So you want to tell me that the picture below is something cristal clear right?

    It is insane. It is madness to try to understand how you should configure this plugin. Why should I lose my time to understand what is going on there since I can get better plugins with easy configuration?

    Let me give you an example, check out this image:

    You can replace your left block with a suggested right block because anyone who knows css rules is a developer, and a developer does not need input type text fields with confusing text labels in order to style the form. Developers just need one single textarea where they can add their custom css code because they can get the id or the class for the exact element that they want to style. And in most cases they don’t even need this custom css field because they can add the css code directly in their style.css file or in any other place. Normal peoples does not know that max-width is or float left or display block or z-index, only developers know this, so what is the point with those thousand fields there? And you wonder why I say it is confusing.

    If you stil want to keep those useless fields why don’t you make them look a little better? For example check out this image:

    In the left side you can see your fields and in the right side I suggest you and improvement. At least it doesn’t look like everything is thown there. It’s all about tables man, you know what tables are, you know what vertical align means right? ..or align, at least you can keep some order there, it looks terrible right now, too complicated. If you want to keep it complicated, at least make a solution which help the user with this, something like to configure the board with the mouse only, some visual effect, drag and drop, something..

    You probably thought that I am just a hater which downvote you, but this is not true at all. If I was a hater I would have gived you 1 star and no comments, and I wouldn’t have posted this response which took me 30 minutes to write. So take it as a good thing, I did it so you can understand some things and this might help you improve some things in the future.

    Thank you for taking the time to add more input and information. I do appreciate that very much.

    In regards to your comment.

    You probably thought that I am just a hater which downvote you, but this is not true at all

    Please read my comment above, you will notice that I never mentioned or thought of you as a hater. If any of my words or my wording above has offended you or had any inclination that you are a hater please accept my apologies.

    In regards to the design, yes I see your point of view. However the plugin does allow for CSS customization which allows you to customize further the form display. And yes I do agree that it probably is not as intuitive as other plugins.

    In regards to responsive, I am able to view my form in a smart phone and tablet.

    Also when I look at the form in my admin as per your suggestion I don’t see it the way you describe above. Can you carry out a test if you don’t mind and you have time. Can you test one of WordPress default themes like Twenty Fifteen or Sixteen?

    Thank you

    I’m already using Twenty Twelve theme + child theme

    Thank you for reporting back. I will test WordPress Twenty Twelve. Can you test Twenty Fifteen or Sixteen? You don’t have to install them just merely test them from the back end.

    Thank you

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