• Coming from FluentCRM I thought this would be the perfect support solution in terms of the integration there, however it’s nothing like it.

    The support portal is ugly and I have to do my own custom css to get it looking even remotely modern and clean. The text area where users submit tickets is also ugly as it uses the barebones wordpress text editor instead of a normal text editor that uses the sites existing styling and fonts.

    Also, for some reason the user’s profile photo/wordpress avatar does not even show for the user submitting the ticket. Instead it should the default grey user avatar. What’s the point?

    If these issues were solved then it would be great, but currently it is a disappointment from a design perspective.

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  • Plugin Support Ahsan Chowdhury


    Hello @supportalgos,

    Thank you for the review. The issue is that you have claimed that the portal is ugly and you have mentioned that, you need custom CSS code. However, we do have the option of changing the style of the portal. Fluent Support has a dedicated block: https://prnt.sc/NTKkAE-vTjK5

    You can customize the portal from there without writing any single code: https://prnt.sc/B7RYFJvOmsLo

    For the ticket portal, we used the default WordPress Rich Text editor. We anticipated a smooth experience with the default WordPress Rich Text editor for our ticket portal, without any unexpected issues or complications.

    Regarding the avatar, we fetch the Gravatar Logo for the customer. If the user sets an image on the Gravatar, this should show perfectly. Make sure, you have set this option: https://prnt.sc/ADvm48ffdpC8

    In conclusion, I trust that all the challenges you’re encountering will be resolved according to my guidance. If you reconsider your review, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

    I believe Ahsan missed the point here. As far as I have tested Fluent Support and other Fluent products, all solutions are full featured products with great front-end designs, except for the customer portal and the customer interaction front from Fluent Support.

    I also belive there should be more work on the front-end where the user logins and open a ticket. It looks a lot like old days incident ticketing systems with plain options on the top bar and small place in the middle of nowhere to write the details of the tickets.

    I’d buy the pro version because of the features and back-end. What made me not buy it, is the front-end I’m giving my customers. That’s why I switched to Jira Help Desk non paid. Take a look at their portal, copy and paste the experience into Fluent Support. That’s it.

    If you need a PO to write down the epics and use stories and also an UX to build up a figma version for you, I would do it for free. I like your products and I recognize their value and the efforts you guys have put in all of them.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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