• There is an unnecessary dark gray background to each gallery. Each image is stretched so all the images are the same size (in thumbnail view) but that’s not what I want. I wouldn’t choose this plugin again.

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  • Hello @lauriescharp
    We are sorry about the troubles you face.
    May we kindly ask you to send a link with the gallery where you see “Dark grey background”?

    If you mean the background of the thumbnails view http://huge-it.com/wordpress-gallery-demo-5-thumbnails/#plugin_demo_wrapper then this is very optional, because in the link you can see there is no background. The background width , image size and many other things can be easily adjusted from the Pro options.

    And besides Thumbnails view we provide more 6 views for FREE, you could also test them, one view is made to show similar sized elements, the other view ( for example Lightbox Gallery) may show images in different proportion.

    So we won’t agree that the gallery is “ugly” based on one view and not correct design, as you may know every gallery even the best gallery you may make ugly from the options.

    Please try to give a second chance to our gallery and check all it’s possibilities. If you may not upgrade to pro version and don’t like the background or images size, then our very quick support team on info@huge-it.com is ready to help you get rid of the background and fix the sizes of the images

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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