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  • I wonder if someone could be so kind as to help me work out what I’ve done here…

    The site in question is

    On the homepage, if you look at the thick black line that surrounds the pages, you’ll see on the right hand side that it’s thicker than it should be.

    On all other pages, it looks to be OK as far as I can tell.

    Anyone any idea what I’ve done wrong…?

    Many thanks


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  • In FF it looks OK.
    Though you have an awfully long entry page which is downloading for long time even on a high speed connection.

    Looks fine in Opera too, if that helps 🙂

    yeah, it’s only IE – of course…

    thats ie for ya.. take something wrong and tries to make it look right, takes something right and screws it all up

    Thanks, guys… yes, I’m using IE.

    Any idea what it could be???! I’m guessing it’s something that’s too wide for one part of the page, which is just pushing things across slightly. I wondered about the banner at the bottom, but I’ve tried removing that and then refreshing, and it didn’t seem to fix it.

    Strangely, it seems OK on the other pages so my guess is that it has something to do with index.php …??

    Re: the page being quite long, I feel kind of compelled to do that because of the vast number of categories that I have (over 300). I’m not really sure what the solution is there, but am open to suggestions.



Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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