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  • Hi

    Can’t exactly figure out most user-friendly (or at this point, any) way to do this. Client has a set of products (duh). Each product has 2 price variations – local pick-up or shipped. There is a $10 increase in product price (regardless of product) if it’s shipped. Sort of a handling fee.

    Then there is the actual shipping costs, if it’s not a local pickup.

    I do NOT want to add the handling fee after it’s in cart – I want customer to know explicitly that if they live locally they have option to get product at lower price.

    I suppose I can set up a variation (though products already have variations, so adding another drop-down is not user-friendly).

    What I think I’d like is the product to display the full, non-local price, but with some sort of call-out & radio button that says “live locally and want to pick up, click here” and then product price would change (and a disclaimer about what local pickup really means).

    Regardless, any ideas on best way to do something like this?

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