• At first, the update just blew up. So I had to remove the plugin directory and do a clean install.

    Now all the settings are gone and the PHP calls are deprecated. Why not tell us how to get the same functionality? For example, I don’t WANT shareaholic appearing “below” my posts. I want it in a very specific location in the footer, hence I coded that into footer.php.

    And what happened to all the options? Where do I select stuff that I had configured before?

    It’s not a happy thing when a plugin that you’ve updated countless times all of a sudden starts behaving in a TOTALLY different way, in the middle of the freaking day when a site is getting hit with all of the traffic. I’ve got sites breaking from missing PHP files and I don’t know what I’m working with yet.

    Very bad show, folks. Very bad. Camper not happy at this site.


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  • Totally agreed,

    I just installed, and first thing i notice :

    • english only. Ok, nevermind, i’ll translate later,
    • Then the new design stuff is cool (fyi btw you find shortcodes in the bottom of the edit “lightbox popup” to put your buttons anywhere)
    • Then, WTF!?! The facebook like button does not even work, it tries to make me login onto my facebook account from shareaholic.com, who is going to do that? and it’s 100% english which is not good at all for a foreign website

    Shareaholic What have you done?! You screwed up bigtime.

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