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    Hi, I find the tools UAM and UAM for NEXTGEN great. Unfortunately updating the function “Hide not pictures, etc.” works. For a new call to the hook is out again. Unfortunately, you can not lock a single photo for certain user groups as well. This only works for the entire Gallery, although check boxes are available at each photo. I have restarted the server and WP completely rebuilt. Is there a future extension or I have an error. The versions are the latest. Thank you for a speedy reply. Sincerely Jottha Eff.



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    I’m busy at the moment I will look for that as soon as possible.


    Thank you! That would be very nice if it would work ….. 🙂

    I had the same problem and since I’m not very patient, I went looking for the problem and found it in UAM itself rather than in UAM Nextgen:
    In wp-content/plugins/user-access-manager/class/UserAccessManager.class.php change line 1332 from
    public function showPlGroupSelectionForm($sObjectType, $iObjectId, $oGroupsFormName = null)
    public function showPlGroupSelectionForm($sObjectType, $iObjectId, $sGroupsFormName = null)
    and it should work.


    mm.gross Hi, thanks for your great genius notice. So I can now finally use the function properly. I wish I could better program. Thank you!

    Sorry, something is not right yet. After it did not work before, now there is a problem again. Either the whole gallery is visible or not. Also, the lock icon is gone. I have prepared some new plugins installed-without success.

    The crux of the photos without reaction. It works only the selection-hook at the Gallery.

    All I can tell you is that it worked for me and that this obviously is a typo in UAM. Are you sure you changed the right part of the code?

    Yes, I am sure that I have changed the code to the right place. It also works with the hook still. I will again make a new separate installation.The error is, since I have moved the gallery into an album. At least I’ve found it at this time.

    I have now tried a new installation in a different directory and a backup. All to no avail. So the only possibility is that the server has been damaged?

    Sorry, I was wrong. Cause was the lack of activation of the file lock. I was of the opinion that she was also previously turned off. Now she is back on and the protection works correctly. Puhhhh

    I have a similar problem. When I check one picture, the whole gallery and every picture is flagged and secured.

    I also have the newest versions. The line in my code is a bit different from above:

    public function showPlGroupSelectionForm($sObjectType, $iObjectId, $aGroupsFormName = null)

    So “a” instead of “o” and “s”. Hm…


    I think, this problem not resolved!
    A install the wp 3.6 and the Nextgen 2.0.14 and UAM and the slide show not working after that i activated the uam!
    I try to resolve this problem as above, but this is not good resolve!
    Can you help me with a really resolve?

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