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    Since updating Yoast, typing in the editor on IE 11 just crawls. The more text in the article the worse it is. I tried on Chrome and it seems to be OK but there is still a noticeable lag. I am pretty sure this has to do with the real time content analysis. Disabling the Yoast plugin makes the problem go away. Help!

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  • My experience is exactly the same. Firefox and Chrome are unusable in visual mode due to the lag.

    The text editor is fine and I can do pages in Dreamweaver and do the copy/paste thing, which is a bother. I suspect that the “Real time content analysis” is the problem. I don’t see an option in settings to turn it off.

    Speaking of settings… I can’t access any of the items under the SEO menu item. The menu pops out and disappears when I try to hover over one of those items.

    This update needs to be rolled back.

    I’m deactivating it until repaired.

    I have same issue, it’s because of “real time content analysis”. Simply remove focus word, add all needed content, fill titles & description, and when page will be ready for publishing – enter focus word and publish the page.
    If need to update some info – again, remove focus word, edit page, turn back the focus word, update the page.

    Yes Oleg is right. I do the same.

    I’ve the same problem…

    This is driving me mad as I have exactly the same issue, only since updating to Yoast 3.0. When writing and deleting it is a nightmare but thank you Oleg as you have sorted my problem out, would never have thought of that.

    Not only visual editor but text editor has also gone slower after this update. Previously, I would just quickly proceed with writing and proofing process in text mode but I observe clear lags now. I use firefox.

    This new Yoast update is bogus. There is a famous saying “don’t fix it if it is not broken”. But Yoast team decided to fix already working things and made them worse. Now they will release 100 more updates to fix the issues. I would never pay them for their premium services. The end.

    I have the same problem. I hope they fix it.

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    @ everyone:
    Please answer the questions in this issue on GitHub as detailed as possible.


    Re: “Please answer the questions in this issue on GitHub as detailed as possible.”

    From GitHub:

    Could you please answer the following questions?

    Does the problem occur on every edit page of the same post type?
    Yes, and it happens in both FF and Chrome.
    If not, it might be something specific in the content that is “causing” the slowdown. Please note:
    Length of the content: Quite long, several pages. Oh, found your word count. 4975 words.
    If there are a lot of shortcodes in use. None
    Use of images, links. Many links, a few images.
    Use of other fields than the content field (for example excerpt or featured image). Excerpt field, no others.
    Language in which the content is written. English
    Does the problem also occur on edit pages of other post types? Yes.
    Does the problem occur immediately after the page is loaded or does the page become slower over time? Immediate.
    Does the problem only occur when editing specific fields on the page? No, occurs upon loading page.
    Does the problem also occur when Yoast SEO is the only plugin active? Haven’t tried that, but it goes away completely when Yoast is deactivated.

    Note: There was a minor update to Yoast today, it did nothing to fix the issue. Removing the focus keyword helps greatly. There’s still lag, but the editor is usable.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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