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  • This is not a new behavior in 3.8. It probably began in 3.6 — if I’m not mistaken —, wasn’t fixed in 3.7 and wasn’t again fixed in 3.8.

    When inserting a link via the HTML editor, the typing cursor isn’t position correctly afterwards. It’s either in the middle of the link (if you select a word and insert a link to it) or before the link if you click to insert a link and then want to type what goes inside it afterwards.

    Either way, it’s simply awful. 🙁

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  • I can’t replicate this behaviour on a 3.8 install using the Text tab. Whether I’m adding a link to a short phrase by itself or in the middle of a block of text, the cursor (post link insertion) is always positioned after the link.

    What browser are you using? Mine is Safari.

    Firefox, IE, Chrome and Opera on here. Safari on an iPad. Not logged into my sites via the iPad since the 3.8 update but I’ve never had a problem with links & cursor positions previously.

    Just tried on Firefox, it works as it should.

    But the bug shows up in both Safari and Chrome, probably something related to WebKit.

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