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  • Migrating from TypePad to WP. My TP permalinks look like
    and WP like
    When I switch my domain over, all the links to my blog will be broken. I can see how to edit the structure of the PL, but I don’t see how to use underscores instead of dashes, or to limit the title to a certain number of characters. Also, TP has html at the end of the URI.
    I figure I either need to get WP to do it exactly the same or create 500 web pages that redirect to the “new” archive. I really don’t care what the permalinks look like. Can I make WP do what I want? Should I create a bunch of web pages that redirect? Should I duplicate the 500 existing posts so that both permalinks work? Your opinion/help is appreciated.

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  • If you login to your WP admin area, select Options, then Permalinks, there’s a description of each of the paramters you can use for your permalinks.
    It looks like your permalinks are going to break no matter what as the site address is different anyways.

    Thanks, TG. The options I see don’t seem to allow me to use underscored instead of dashes in my postname. Also, I don’t see how I could end the URI in .html instead of /.
    When the domain named is switched, the site address won’t be different (well, it will, just reversed.) I just don’t want to point the domain to my WP server until I get this issue resolved.

    You need to redirect visitors who request the old posts to the new URIs.
    Here’s an example of how someone else did this:
    You will find quite a few pages describing how to redirect URLs when you switch to wordpress from another system(typically MT).

    OH! Underrscores instead of dsashes…. I missed that. there is a plugin available. Scroll through that list. I know I saw it the other day. Drop it in and turn it on (be sure to read the directions).

    Thanks TG and 2fargon. This looks like exactly what I need.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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