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  • Hello I love this theme. However when I try to upload a new photo and add type.

    The page AUTOMATICALLY directs me and moves up to the top of the page . and I am unable to see the type field. If i continue to type and then scroll down to the new “block” where I successfully loaded the image and scaled to desire size. The type will appear.

    I am on a older I MAC v. 10.75.
    safari does not work at all and I am using chrome. older version.
    I have the latest version of WP 5.3 loaded on my site
    every thing else looks and works fantastic.

    the only issues have been with type editing. and font sizes appear different point size on the various pages .
    I have No control over the pt. size but for some reason they pages will view different sizes and spacing.

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  • He,

    Could you send us your site URL and if possible the screenshot of the issue area? We will inspect the site and see what’s causing the issue.

    Good Day,
    Best Regards.

    Thanks you.

    the issue area is with all new uploads.
    the picture[s] load fine as normal.
    but the area directly underneath where you type copy info.
    is causing me some issues. as soon as i scroll/click mouse as I am typing,,, the goes to the top of the and i cannot see the type box. I am still able to type but I have to scroll back do=wn to see if the copy is correct.

    any help is most grateful.

    As a note this does happen on my phone . I am able to to post and add copy in the box and the field is visible, however it is very difficult to to this on my tiny phone device.

    hereis my site.
    I am also having problems in general with type font sizes.
    they appear more than one pt. size and not consistent even though I input the info always the same.

    thank you.


    The issue you have mentioned is not coming from the theme, you should try once disabling the plugins you have used one by one and see if it works?

    Do let us know if you have any further query regarding our theme. We will try to reach you soon.

    Good Day,
    Best Regards.

    I deletes the wp backup theme disabled plug inns not use and cleared cache then re booted and the issues was fixed.

    Thanks for all the help.


    Good to know it worked. It’s a pleasure to help you out. We hope you are finding flash theme interesting. We would really appreciate for the review.

    Good Day,
    Best Regards.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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