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  • What is the general consensus on TypeKey? Are there plans to integrate it in to WordPress, should it prove to be a workable system?

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  • do you expect anyone to answer this question before they even provide the docs on how to do it?

    I’m just curious as to what the community’s (and, perhaps slightly more importantly, the developers’) take on integrating this system is. Granted, the question might be hard to answer at this point, given the lack of concrete documentation, but, since some specifics of the system are known, it’s not impossible to answer questions as general as whether WordPress would support a centralized, third-party comment registration system, as opposed to (or in conjunction with) the currently-existing per-site registration system.
    Also, since nobody’s mentioned it at all yet on the board, I figured it was worth opening a topic to spur discussion.

    It very much depends on how SixApart licenses the service and presents it. I’m somewhat bothered that they are developing this in a closed fashion, and then allowing others to catch up after it’s been implemented in their products. That sounds like the kind of closed development process they were so bothered with in RSS. It would be great if there was some sort of Atom-esque open development of a standard.

    I did find myself bothered, too, by the closed development process.
    As for licensing, from, under “How much does it cost:” “TypeKey is free to use for both personal weblog authors and commenters, and only requires registration.” I hadn’t noticed the “personal” qualifier before; it seems a bit concerning.
    Ultimately, I guess there’s not much more discussion to be had here until, as, per KAShirow’s comment, more information is released. I have no doubt that, when that time comes, this will be a topic worth revisiting, though, perhaps tempered by the ensuing discussion in the weblog community.

    I’m curious why they have the teaser up anyway. Why not simply announce it when it’s done. Not like Six Apart will go unnoticed in the weblog community. 🙂

    [Typekey] prohibits unauthorized comments. This is accomplished by requiring commenters to log in with a verified account before they can post, and by offering weblog authors the power to approve or ban a commenter’s ability to post on the site.

    So everyone MUST register to comment on any Typekey weblog? As I see it that’s a pretty big hassle for commenters. And also I’m a HUGE fan of anonymous comments but TypeKey says no to that too.
    And what happens when a DoS attack hits them (bound to happen when you annoy spammers)? No-one could sign in to comment, meaning your comments are locked. Right?
    Again, this is totally speculative based off the teaser.

    How does Typekey address trackbacks? Many questions remain unanswered.

    They have a teaser because it is a tried and effective solution to make a lot of people hear of the product before it’s done.
    I’ve seen this in 2001 before MT 1.0, I’ve seen this in 2004 before TextPattern. It just works.
    php typekey library is released by a japanese.
    can you use it?

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