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    Hello friends,
    After I installed the plugin, I noticed that there are two files on the server, I wonder if these files are part of the plugin installed?
    The files are:

    best regards

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    None of them are part of the plugin. The plugin doesn’t create or change any files.


    I want to have the offending IP addresses saved to a file on the server automatically, in order to be able to load them into the “bad_guys” table of my firewall. This would take a load off my apache and leave CPU cycles for better things than serving known offenders.

    How can I accomplish this?

    Thank you,

    To the original poster. How did you solve this problem?
    I have the same problem: random text files named .ips1.txt / .ips2.txt on my server – reapearing every time I delete them,

    The plugin you refer to isn’t installed on my site.

    I’ve got the same problem on one of my websites. I have a “All in One WP Security and Firewall” plugin installed, and I thought this plugin is the reason. But on another website I have the same plugin but there are no such files. Can anyone help to solve this problem?

    Your WordPress Blogs have been hacked, I just wrote an article about this Malware, how it works, what it does and how to remove it.

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    I have the file but I can’t find it – not on header.php and not on footer.php

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    @kaplandani Are you still affected? Can you send me a link to your site?

    I’ve cleaned this finally – it was using a fake plugin as a secondary backdoor.
    I redeployed my theme, and removed all un-familiar plugins.

    @kaplandani you could help and name the fake plugin and the method of how you figured it out.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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