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  • Hi,

    Long time webmaster, first time WordPresser. I’ve got a couple of requests for some plugins, and was wondering if anyone can suggest if such plugins exist please?

    1) On my site, I’d like to hide my newest posts (say 2 weeks worth), and only make them visible to people who are signed in as members.

    2) Is there a plugin that will log how long a signed-in member has spent on any given page? When they sign in, they also have access to a stats page.

    If anyone has any suggestions about the above, then I’m all ears…

    Thanks and regards,


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  • Hi, just to perhaps help encourage plugin authors, can you elaborate a little on the usefulness of showing readers how long they’ve spent on pages?

    As a long time webmaster you’ll know that this particular stat is one of the least reliable. For instance, if I land on one of your posts then immediately lose interest and click a bookmark to read my gMail your page has no way of knowing that I’ve left.

    I could be a slow reader, or I could have left your site entirely – unless I click another link on your page, there’s no (reasonable) way to register my departure.

    On the other hand, I can immediately identify the value in your first suggestion, and I think it’s a great idea to encourage sign-ups.

    Cheers for the reply, and a fair point on the second idea. Admittedly, there is that big flaw where the visitor can nip off and make a cup of tea whilst viewing my page, which would limit its mainstream usefulness.

    I’ll explain a bit about my site in particular. I’m using WordPress to create an online games arcade site, where each post features a different game. As an added incentive to signed up members (and it might make interesting reading from the admin perspective), I was hoping to let them view a page so they can see how long they’ve spent playing individual games.

    I was creating something in ASP, Access and javascript that done something similar a few months ago. It didn’t get tested beyond my local firefox install (although it worked when I moved to a different site or closed the browser), but the rest of the site didn’t get built anyway. Unfortunately, I’m a PHP/MySQL virgin at the moment, so don’t yet have the know-how to recreate it.

    That one’s not a hugely important request personally, so if it doesn’t exist already then I can probably make do without it. But I think the first suggestion is something that can be useful to others, and somewhat surprised that Google didn’t bring back any plugins.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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