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  • moobyghost


    Hi guys! I currently run, which is an environmental blog. I just purchased another domain name and want to create a photo blog as well. So my question is, and please explain in detail because I still struggle with a lot of this stuff, how I can install wordpress again, or use it with the new domain name.

    Can wordpress be used for two different sites on the same host?

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  • moshu


    One site is one thing and another site is another thing. Is this simple enough?
    Even if the two domains are hosted by the same hosting company – they have nothing to do with each other. Even if they both are owned by you 🙂

    On your new domain just install WP as it is described in the instructions: Installing_WordPress.



    The same way you can have two different web sites with the same host, you can have multiple blogs. As long as your host will permit multiple SQL databases. My host only allows 25 even though I have 30 domain names. Even with just one domain, you can have multiple blogs in subdomains or folders.



    Some hosts allow it, others don’t. Ask your host if they allow multiple domains on 1 account. If yes, then usually you will make a subfolder (example: /jim/) and it will act like the root-level of your domain. So you just install WP in that folder.

    If no, then (some hosts) you have to buy another web-hosting account for your second domain. Or switch to a host who allows it.

    Now, about the database. You can use a separate database for each blog, of course. OR you can put many blogs in one database, if you just use a different “table prefix” for each (HEY JOETAX, check this out). You set the table prefix in the wp-config file, when you make the new blog. Just change the prefix to something other than the default “wp_” (example, change it to “jim_”) and now you can create the second blog with the same database. Very handy if your host only allows you 1 or 5 databases.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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