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  • First – My main website, already designed (though not yet uploaded to the server) does not use WordPress. I am setting up two separate WordPress installations in two subdirectories (one for the blog, the other for news items).

    The problem – I need to set the SITE URL to the root directory (as the main page is in the root folder.), without screwing up the permalinks for the pages in the WordPress subdirectories. (If the SITE URL is set to my domain name – the permalinks refuse to accept the subdirectory. if I try to change the permalink to[page name], it is automatically changed to[page name], and the page cannot be found.

    I am concerned that if the SITE URL is not set to the root directory I will have issues with SEO optimization. However, I cannot use option 2 as described in the WordPress codex ( because that would give me three index pages in the root directory (my website’s home page and the two WordPress index pages).

    How can this be solved? (time sensitive, as this website is set to go live in 10 days)

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Why are there 3 different websites? Why are you separating news and blog into different websites?

    FYI WordPress doesn’t use index pages. You may be confused as to how WordPress works. It is NOTHING like an HTML website. There are no “pages” just a folder full of php templates, JS and CSS. WordPress injects the content into the page template you choose. You can set up 1 big site with: – as homepage – as blog page – as news page

    10 days? Wow, good luck!

    If you’re sticking with the three separate sites, it’s quite easy.

    In your two WordPress sites, set the URL’s as the folder that they are in.


    Main site folder: /
    Site 1 folder: /site1/
    Site 2 folder: /site2/

    Main site:
    WordPress site 1:
    WordPress site 2:

    The easiest way by far is to just install your WordPress site in that sub folder and it will do everything that it needs to.

    As pointed out by @jaycbrf I would recommend you to create only one “Big” WordPress website, as it simplify all the process

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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