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  • Hi,

    I have a website, which was originally started on

    I eventually needed my own hosting, so transferred the site to HostGator & bought a domain for the site. The site works fine & when you go to it comes right up.

    Fastforward to today – I start another site for my wedding, and bought the domain name ( on

    I decide to transfer the site to my hostgator account because I need some specific plugins to make the RSVP function work on the site, but did not change the domain name registrar.

    I did this successfully & the site is available @, but I can NOT figure out how to direct the domain to the website destination @

    I changed the name servers for the sturmereadeswedding domain to the hostgator account, but the website does not come up.

    Please help! All I want is for

    to point to:

    Thank you!!

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  • I can NOT figure out how to direct the domain to the website destination…

    All I want is for
    to point to:

    Those are two different things and you should decide which way to want to go. If you *want* your second site to be a sub-domain of your Primary Domain, then you did not need to purchase a new domain name for the second site. In such a case, you would simply nest the second installation and then go to… –> /hostaccount/whateverfolder/site1folder/ –> /hostaccount/whateverfolder/site1folder/subdomain/

    Now that you have already purchased a second domain, you can use that by going to cPanel and assigning it to its desired destination… –> /hostaccount/whateverfolder/site1folder/ –> /hostaccount/whateverfolder/site2folder/

    Thank you for the reply! I don’t necessarily want the domain to be a subdomain of

    In Cpanel, how do I assign the site to the domain

    I am sorry but this is not really my skillset.

    Turn that around. You are assigning the domain to the WordPress installation.

    At the BlueHost cPanel, I have a list of all my Domains and I can click on any one of them to access its assignment option. What you are doing there is telling the nameservers what to do with the domain you have pointed to them from your Registrar. So, you should be able to find that kind of option at your host’s cPanel to tell the servers to send or “assign” the new Domain’s traffic to the folder where your second WordPress installation is located.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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