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  • I’m planning to install two WP installations to handle two language site(different style mostly. didn’t find better alternative for this unfortunately). As I am very new to site making and WP it self, I don’t know what possible issues this may cause.

    1) For example, I want to use woocommerce. Then I need to install it twice, one for each WP install. I know that the user will need to relogin for each WP install, this is ok, but beside this will be ok with everything else? Could this lead for some security issues?
    2) If I want to use mailchimp as my mailing system, I will need to install also two plugins and this is very handy, because this way I can separate my subscribers by language. But is it possible to make two accounts for one domain? Could this lead for some issues too?

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  • if you do two installs – SITE-A and SITE-B, then each site will be separate. Each will have it’s own database. Anything you add to SITE-A (post, page, plugin) will only be in SITE-A.

    You can not have two wordpress installs using the same domain name. However, depending on your host, you could have subdoamins so you could have

    Thank you.
    I know about separated things and I am fine with this, because I am not looking for translation plugins and I want to make different style for each site. Also, I will use dirs instead of sub domain names(
    However, you are not right about separated databases. It can be one database as I read about it in this forum.
    Digging a little bit more I found out it is better(but a little more complicated) to use WP MultiSite instead of two installs. This is also leaving me with open questions about security compare to not multisite wp installation. Perhaps there is something I should do(like disabling users to create new sites – I heard this, but don’t know what it is and how to disable it).

    Multisite will give you two separate sites in the same database – there will be two wp-posts tables and two wp-user tables so if a post is added to one site, it will not be seen in the other site unless you add it there also.

    While you can possible have two instances of wordpress using the same database can be disaster. And if you have two sites poit at one set of WP tables in the database, then any change you make in one site will appear in the other site so they will be styled exactly the same.

    Yes, I understand that they will be separated even with multisite. I didn’t thought about same database, now I think it is better to use two installs than one multisite, because of the site performance. As I understand it, the less database size is the better performance. So I will pick bad practice choice I guess and go with two WP installs.

    Considering the case of the same database. I am very new to site building in this kind of format and WP in self and I’m not good in php/mysql. But you may look here as a starting point: and as it follows, I think it is ok to use same user data from both installs and keep the styles different.

    that thread is six years old! You can try it, but for someone ‘very new to site building in this kind of format and WP in self and I’m not good in php/mysql’ you are taking on an advanced chalange that I wouldn’t do myself. Too much room for problems and messupd.

    If you were my client and wanted to pay me to do this, I wouldn’t and I would try to convince you not to do it.

    But it is your choice and if you decide to do it good luck and make sure you make good documention of what you do and make very very frequent backups.

    I am not planning to go this way, I was just pointing this as I read it. Perhaps it is a bad thing to do and this will involve many mess, I don’t know.
    As one who making sites for clients(as I understood you correctly that is what you do), what would you do if a client wish to make a two or three language site? And by two/three language sites I mean two/three different sites, so the style would be different, the content will be different etc.
    I am really want to go with the most reasonable way of making this site and would prefer a better way than two installs of WP. But this is simply the most optimal way as I see it at this moment.

    If I was working for a client that wanted three sites with different styling and different content then I would build them three different WordPress sites. Three domain names, three databases and three installed.

    At the church I got to we have five different sites: one main site for the church, one for our preschool, one for the music group, one for the tech group and a plays ute to experiment with. Some have different domain names and some are sub domains.

    Ok, so it is ok to use this method with multiple WP installs. I am glad I won’t be the one and there is professionals who work the same way if it is needed.
    By the way, have you tried woo-commerce in this kind of situation(with multiple WP installs) or you assume something that may cause problems?
    And thank you for your kind help, Juggledad!

    No I haven’t tried woo commerce in these installs, but it should not be a problem becasue each site will be separate – ie no cross over. The items in the woocommerce for one site will not be in the other site.

    Yes, this makes sense.
    Thank you, Juggledad, you very helped me out! Much appreciate it!

    It is easy to have two WordPress installs within the same domain name

    @kallypso – that would be two WP installs, two databases, and the plugins would be in different folders. The would be seperate instances of wordpress.

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