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  • Woke up this morning to post some updated posts and see I’m missing posts from November 6-26, I have updated pages and buttons, everything is gone. I have no buttons, no pages, no posts from Nov. 6-26 and my background went back to the original. It’s like WordPress restored my blog back to two & a half weeks ago. Can anyone tell me what happened or what’s going on. I am learning that I should have backed my blog up or something. The blog I am posting about is
    If anyone can give me suggestions, advice or help it would be greatly appreciated, I’m freaking out a little here. Thank you Kalani

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  • Were these posts actually posted? or could they be in the drafts area?
    If you haven’t made backups then all may be gone.

    I would first check with your hosts to see if for some reason they ‘restored’ an older version of your site due to some problem on their end. Then of course I would ask them if they had a more current version to use.

    I have no idea what happened with you theme, if you did not update it? As it is a professional theme you should ask at Headway.

    And yes you should back up your site regularly.

    Thank you Dragonsjaw for responding, usually my hubby takes care of all of this so I was at a loss. I contacted hostGator and he said they updated my DNS last night and said they would fix the problem… hopefully everything will be fixed. And be this a BIG lesson to me and everyone else BACK UP Yo’ CRAP!!! Thanks again!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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