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  • Hello,

    I would like to be able to set my blog up so it can do 2 things:

    1. This might be the easiest one, though the pages I’ve been through so far haven’t helped. I’d like for people to be able to add the “rss” thing to their pages, like one person has a page and they receive other pages’ updates via that “rss” thing on that page. I understand “rss” is already set up, by default, or so it seems, though when I experiment – putting the various (and variations of) links into my own (to test it out) – it doesn’t work. Though I’d like this to work with other pages that receive “rss” updates, too, not just yahoo. Help?

    2. I’m not sure if this would be an easy one or not. I’d like to allow people to actually receive emails (“subscribe”?) when my blog is updated. Either the blog entry actually be emailed to them or at least a link to the blog entry be emailed. I’d also like for this to work so that I can manually add specific email addresses to receive these, though would also like for people to be able to set up their own “subscription” or email so they receive the updates. Help?

    So far the how-to pages I’ve visited have done nothing but confuse me.

    I’m using this theme:
    “WordPress Music 1.0 by”

    Are there any neat ways people can receive my blog’s updates other than these two possibilities?

    Thank you very very much! 🙂


    Update- the “/feed” after my blog doesn’t seem to work.

    (That says to use /feed.)

    Ugh… sooo confused right now. 🙁

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  • I’ve tried these:

    “Any of these will work.

    Or you can access them like this:

    …and while they appear to work for like “live bookmarks” in Firefox, they do not work with… etc. Though that’s just the rss thing (which I have no idea which to use, rss, rss2, atom, rdf?).

    Perhaps the most important feature I’m hoping to use is the ability for people to receive emails when I add a blog entry and when any comments are added in the blog.

    Thanks in advance!


    You’re right, the RSS is easier. Most themes already have a built in RSS, but for more control over your feed you can go to If you sign up there, FeedBurner will give you a plugin for your blog that will add the feed to your frontpage. Then you can login to Feedburner and learn about how many people are subscribed, where they are from, etc. etc.

    If you’d rather, the “Add to Any” plugin will just add a widget button to your site.

    I don’t know as much about the email subscribe. IZEA makes a tool called Zookoda which sounds like it does what you are seeking. Hopefully that will work for you.

    Good luck!

    Feedburner also offers email subscriptions.

    Thank you both for the information.

    I will look into Feedburner and Zookoda, though is there a way to accomplish the same actions/tasks provided through Feedburner and Zookoda via my own website/server?

    I am hoping that my blog can remain “disconnected” from other services, except for my obvious log-in/account with the WordPress site (being the main engine running the whole thing, albeit I’m hosting it on my own server). Whenever I use something provided by another source I always credit that source, such as, for the actual blog, or, for the “1.0” music theme. Though I like to leave it at that.

    I would like to avoid having to create external accounts or logging in to some other website, like feedburner or zookoda, to receive information on my own site, make changes to settings, or anything similar to that.

    The idea of managing everything from just within my own server is ideal and allows for optimal use of my server and services that I am potentially paying or have paid for. Plus, with the stand-alone approach, I am more “in control” of more aspects of my own site.

    I’ve discovered that RSS is already “built in” to the music theme of my blog (at least when clicking on the orange icon in the address bar of my web browser). However, I was unable to get it working with some external feeder pages like yahoo’s “” page. One individual I know, specifically, has asked that I set it up to work with their “” page, though I have been unable to so far. I would like to offer that option to them if it is possible (hopefully?).

    Is it possible to obtain a plugin, like feedburner’s, without having to register on another site (and with monitoring or controlling my feed strictly through my own server (not another one))?

    I’ll look into the “Add to Any” plugin, thank you for providing that. I’ll definitely test that out. A screenshot of that from the page you linked looks nice, especially the simplicity and user-friendliness of it.

    I do have an email subscribe feature now, so that has been resolved. If Zookoda does strictly that, then I won’t require it. The email subscription feature I’ve added is one of those “stand-alone” (based completely out of my own server) plug-ins. The feature I’m now using for emails is called “Post Notification” (version 1.2.20). Here’s the link:

    There’s that stand-alone plug-in for email subscriptions and updates of new blog entries.

    If there is also a stand-alone plug-in for RSS control, stats, and general services, that would be splendid.

    Any ideas if there are any?

    Thank you!

    <bumping this> TY!

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