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    Wondering if it’s possible to utilize two separate and different instances of the plugin. Our customer would like to display the language dropdown only in the header, and the flag list in the footer. I’m not seeing a way to make this happen with this plugin… any chance you could recommend a way to do it? Even with the pro version?

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  • Plugin Author Rob Myrick


    Hi nstriegel, thanks for your question.

    You can have only one instance of the plugin, although you would be able to separate the drop-down form the flags, even if it means locating them in separate areas. As long as there is one instance, you can do almost anything you want.

    You can do this with either free or premium version.

    Hopefully that answers your question! Let me know if I can help.

    Rob Myrick

    Thanks so much for the reply Rob! Would you be able to provide some direction on how to implement the two elements separately? I was using the PHP insert into the footer:

    <?php echo do_shortcode('[google-translator]'); ?>

    Plugin Author Rob Myrick


    Hi nstriegel,

    Here are my thoughts on how to accomplish what you are trying to do, although I think you are extremely limited in trying to do this:

    1) Use CSS with absolute positioning. For example, you could create a <div> that holds both the flags and the translator drop-down. For this <div> you could set its positioning to position:relative, and then try and set the flags container and the drop-down container to position:absolute, which would allow you to move them separately.

    However, in doing it this way, you are somewhat limited to the scope of the <div> that holds the translator, in terms of how far apart you can position the elements. So if you can keep them fairly close together, or create a <div> that covers are large area of your website, then this would not be so limiting. Clear as mud, right?

    You might have to read up on absolute positioning, because it can sometimes act unexpectedly when trying to accomplish certain things.

    2) Get the premium version, which has the translator hard-coded into the web page. Then we could separate the HTML elements entirely, unlike the FREE version which loads after the page is complete, and also does not allow modification directly to the HTML elements.

    How It Works

    Those are the primary solutions I can see as of now. Both are quite tricky, but with a little creativity, it could be done I’m sure.

    I hope that helps! Rob Myrick

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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