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    First i would like to tell that Contact Form 7 is very intuitive and i liked alot.

    So, to the problems i have:

    #1 – I need to add the class ‘uniForm’ at the <form> tag but i don’t know how. I even tried add class:uniForm at the contact-form call (when adding it to a page/post) but no luck. How i do that?

    #2 – I have a drop-down menu with the places where it can be sent. Something like the following:

    Q: What kind of contact is this?
    A: Support, Chat, Website.

    And i need that, if choosed ‘Chat’, the contact mesage is sent to If choosed ‘Support’, the message goes to and etc.

    How i do that in Contact Form 7?

    Thank you very much.


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  • #3 – Oh, btw, how i make the div of Error/Sent messages show in the beggining of the form, not in the End?

    For #2, pipe may be helpful.

    Contact Form 7 1.9.1

    Totally awesome dude, that was what i was looking for!

    Thank you VERY much.

    #1 was solved wrapping the contact form code in a div with the class.. While i thought would not work because is aimed for forms and etc, it worked lol.

    #3 is still a mystery. Since my layout + form is a little big, the sent message always shows in the place where can be seen only if scroll the text.
    I’m still trying to know how make error/ok/etc message boxes shows up at beggining of form and not at end, near the ‘send’.

    For #3, you can use [response] tag which is a new feature in v1.10.

    Contact Form 7 1.10

    Oh wow Finally *___________________________*

    Btw, now that i noticed.
    YOU are the creator OMG!!! >____<“

    Thank you for all your support!
    I really appreciate your work \o/~

    */me bows to takayukister*

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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