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  • nsnbc


    I am editing a W based daily newspaper and would like to be able to send a monthly e-mail to all of our subscribers. An Editors Monthly Newsletter, which won´t be published in the newspaper and which only will be sent to all of our subscribers.

    Now, there seem to be two different subscriber lists.

    No.1 can be accessed at the bottom of the statistics where I can see XX subscribers and YY comment subscribers. From this ones I only need the reader / e-mail subscribers and NOT the comment subscribers…

    No.2. In the left side Admin Menu I can see USERS. When I go in there, I see admins, contributors, and also ordinary subscribers – here I only need the subscribers.

    Is there a plugin, that lets me send a monthly e-mail to both the e-mail subscribers and ordinary users (not contributors) ?

    If yes, is it this plugin ? or can´t it be used.
    If not, do you know which plugin can be used.
    If yes, how can I do it.

    Final remark. It is a bit odd that there are different lists with e-mail subscribers and ordinary users, without seemingly a function that allows me to write to all of them at once. Or maybe there is something I don´t understand ? (probably)

    Help would be very warmly appreciated.


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