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  1. drawab
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    I have recently put together an aggregator using FeedWordPress for Pakistani Bloggers http://www.bloggers.pk

    More so in defiance of the massive censorship of the blogspot.com by the government in Pakistan. We had some great help by activist, one person created a fetch and serve proxy domain which can easily by pass all blogspot url by simply altering the URI (http://www.pkblogs.com/*blogname*).

    Another person created a URL parser script for our aggregator which again converts all URI to use pkblogs.com service.

    To cut the story short and get to the point - I was wanting to create two versions of the same wordpress page which can be switched (if the visitor clicks indicating he is located within Pakistan / or to browse the site without the script if he is located outside of Pakistan)

    The script uses an ONLOAD function and is located in the header file of the theme template. I was wanting to edit the theme without screwing it up in any signifcant way so that the two verions showed the exact same page apart fromt he proxy script.

    I apologize in advance if this question has little to do with wordpress, but I felt the wordpress guru's will be best source for help and assistance, if such a solution is at all possible

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