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  1. bfet
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    What would be the best solution for this:
    I have a site http://www.example.com and I want to make another one to a subdomain site.example.com.
    Basically I need them to be duplicates (design and content), but I want the subdomain site to view only some of main site's content.

    Is there an easy solution for my problem or do I need to use multisite?

  2. Basically I need them to be duplicates (design and content)

    Watch out for Googles Duplicate Content Penality with that one.

    I'd be inclined to use Multisite, and then grab the Sitewide Tags Plugin (silly name, I know) which will 'copy' posts from the child blog and put them on the main blog, without any downgrade from Google. It's very smart.

    Then you post anything that needs to be on the sub-site ON the subsite, and anything that doesn't on the main site. The main site would aggregate everything from the subsite, Bob's your Uncle, have a beer.

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