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  • Hello all! I have a client who wants to have two sites and two different themes but with the same content. It may sound weird, but he has a good reason for it which I won’t get in to for time’s sake… I love WP and I would love to offer it as a solution but I can’t find anyone else who’s tried this – or maybe someone here can link me to it (pretty please! i found a bunch of “multisite” stuff with a bunch of broken links) – or just tell me if it can be done, what needs to happen?

    Thanks a bunch!!

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  • This should be easy enough to do.

    Install the first copy of WordPress into a folder and get it set up. Duplicate the WordPress folder and then hey-presto, two copies of WordPress using the same database.

    You can then give each one it’s own theme.

    Hope that helps,

    / Hami

    Thanks hami, I gave that a try, but using separate domains … all of the links point back to the original site … I can’t say I know why! (I do have url rewriting on, if that matters)

    Any ideas?

    Are the domains hosted on the same server?
    If so you could point one domain to one WordPress install and the other to the second.

    You shouldn’t have a problem having the database on one domain and a WordPress install on another.

    If you use the method I described above, I forgot to say you will need to go into the settings of WordPress and tell it where it is stored and also the URL it’s using. Otherwise you’ll have rewrite issues.

    / Hami

    Yes, they are on the same server. I tried logging in, but since all of the links are pointing to the original site, I can’t figure out a way in to the admin section. Is there a way around this, or a file where the “pointing” information is stored?

    as you probably have noticed, the “pointing” information is configured in the database. You can see it, as Admin, by going to Options -> General and looking at the two URI values.

    Instead of all these hoop jumpings, why not use a Syndication plugin to feed one blog from the other’s RSS (i.e. 2 seperate installs)?

    Now that’s a good idea … any tips or good plugin choices to recommend?

    hami’s “method” is totally wrong: the URIs and the setting of the active theme are all stored in the database – so you cannot have double values!

    sw33t – I’ve not played with these much at all, but I’ve seen FeedWordPress mentioned a few times. After a quick glance, it appears that it would do what you’re after.

    Like moshu said, the database holds the essence of everything, including the configuration settings, like directory location. The database doesn’t support multiple settings, so what you want can’t be done.

    “two different themes but with the same content. It may sound weird, but he has a good reason for it which I won’t get in to for time’s sake.”

    Hmmm? Why would this be so? It sounds a bit “dodgy” as this effectively duplicates content from the search engines point of view, so you need to be careful here.

    Well, he wants to offer some industry information to potential clients. This site would be his “company” site where people can see how smart he is. It will help make the sale.

    He also wants another URL that he can show people/advertise/etc that doesn’t have his company logo and possibly looks entirely different. People can read the same information but not feel pressured to call or buy anything. When they do see how smart he is, and then click the contact page, it will be the same stuff.

    Now that I’ve typed this out for myself, I realize that it sounds silly, and yet it doesn’t. He does want to have two domains … although maybe it would make sense to do one or the other. I’m afraid I may not be able to change his mind, and I’m not sure using a subdomain will be an answer either. Do you guys have any ideas? I really appreciate it!

    essh – moshu your totally right, I forgot the theme change might cause problems.

    Would it not work if the themes were called the same name, but the URI were set to be respective of the different domains?

    I used that “method” to clone a WordPress install so that I had a ‘development’ version to try out new tweeks on.

    I know it’s not a pretty solution, but it should work. Anyway thought it might help.

    / Hami

    Easiest way to do this would be to build the site using a generic XHTML base, then dynamically use a CSS file based on the domain the user is viewing. You should be able to do this fairly easily with a few PHP commands. I’d try parse_url() :

    thanks again, ya’ll rock! 😀
    – sarah

    “I’m afraid I may not be able to change his mind, and I’m not sure using a subdomain will be an answer either.”

    Even a subdomain is likely to get you into trouble with the search engines, if the content is duplicated. As you’re probably aware, this is considered as “polluting” the search engine databases and they don’t approve of it. Your client should be aware of this, if he’s considering having the sites indexed at all.

    Yeah, you’re right. I have another conference call with him today, and had some time to think about this overnight. I appreciate everyone’s input. I haven’t been able to find good people to chat web and code with, until now!

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