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    Hey guys. I’ll skip the introduction and go straight to the point.

    This is what I want my site to look like (excuse the poor drawing):

    2 sidebars. The left one should be a normal sidebar, displaying recent posts, categories, blogroll, etc. The right one however, I want just to display pages (so in effect, it’s just another nav bar). It should also have drop down arrows (that’s what those little white triangles are at the side of ‘page 1’ ‘page 2’ ‘page 3’ are). When you click the drop down arrow, the sub pages from the parent page should appear underneath it (the sub pages are in yellow). When you click the arrow it should hide the sub pages again.

    Pretty cool huh? But very tricky, well it is for me. Does anyone have any html code which will do this? Or can anyone atleast point me in the right direction? Thanks.

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  • You build yourself the structure for your page to fit 2 sidebars.
    Then you put the widgets in one and display using <?php wp_list_pages( $args ); ?> all pages in the other (for info on it).
    Then all you need is very simple jQuery to slide up and down the main Item if it has children.
    If you want to build the menu as ‘html’ static just ‘view source’ of the page and copy the structure of the listed pages. Hope I helped you.

    Yes you did thankyou, I’ve got it working now all except the jQuery part. I’ll do some research into that later. Thanks a lot.
    Here’s my site by the way:

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