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  • I’m building a hybrid blogsite and have installed 1.5. The client wants the classic 3 column layout with sidebars on either side of the content area.

    Is there any way to create a “sidebarright.php” and “sidebarleft.php” and include them using the PHP include commands like including the normal “sidebar.php”?

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  • I guess so but wouldnt it better to put both sidebars in 1 file and use <div id="sidebaright"> and <div id="sidebarleft">?

    I see what you mean. This looks tricky.

    I guess you could call them both by using TEMPLATEPATH – you woudl then have to apply a div to both individually sideleft/sideright. It will be quite messy I think but it could work, think someone with more php knowledge should be able to answer better, but I don’t see why it won’t work.

    On my site i use
    <?php include "sidebarleft.php"; ?> and <?php include "sidebarright.php"; ?> where the two php files reside in the themes directory.

    Yeah it should work just fine, this was done a long time age and is three columns static

    but I basically used this to design my current blog two columns

    Actually a while ago I wanted to do a theme that was two in one that was either a two column or a three column design sharing ones common css file but two different index files.

    The thing is though dawg a lot of folks are going to want to keep the source order intact. And if you split the php output how do you unite it again for your 2 columns? I have one of these up and running but the hacking is horrible. Id like to find a more elegant solution.

    For the three column which has been thrown on the backburner, I was going to use one sidebar with two divs left and right floated either side of content

    Awesome! I’ll try the file include tags right now and see how it works. I’ll post back to this thread to let everyone know how it works.


    “On my site i use
    <?php include “sidebarleft.php”; ?> and <?php include “sidebarright.php”; ?> where the two php files reside in the themes directory.”

    Perfect! Perfect! Perfect! This worked perfectly! And it’s a simple and elegant solution, to boot! Thanks a million!

    (I’ll be posting a link to the site in the My WordPress forum when it’s launched in roughly a week. :))

    Okay, then what. How do you use the two columns? When I changed that, it my old one is gone. If I’m using the WP1.5 default, do I need to creat ‘sidebarleft.php’ & sidebarleft.php’ files? I am guessing so.

    The next question is, how do I adapt to using 2 columns from the wordpress controls? If I want the OE categories (archives, meta, etc) on one side, and my links and blogrolls on the other, how will I do that?

    if you want to keep your existing one, just create a second one and modify that.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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