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  • Hi folks, i have installed WP to switch my site from MT. First i was pretty convinced that this would be pretty easy, but meanwhile it has turned out it’s not quite so.
    First of all, i have a Mac with the latest OS X and Safari. When i try to login to WP, i always end up in a stupid redirect loop (has been described here before). ->
    I can change the browser address manually, but this sucks. Same with Firefox/Mozilla. No problems whatsoever with IE6 Win.
    Secondly, i do not see the “Upload” link in the menu, even though file uploading is correctly enabled in the options. ->
    Thirdly (and you can see that in the last screenshot as well) Safari renders the Quicktag buttons in a Mac fashion that does not look good. This is, in contrast, the IE look ->
    Maybe some of the developers here should use a Mac at least from time to time? My impression is that – even though WP is very promising – this i partly a Windows-only-play…
    If you can help me out with the two “serious” problems – login loop, upload link missing – any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Kind regards, Thomas

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  • Meanwhile, i got rid of the login loop by deleting all cookies for my site. And the Upload link is showing as well since the 04/30 nightly build.

    deleting the cookies is great, but it comes back after a time, dunno how it comes and how i can fix it.
    …using opera 7.50 beta1

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