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  • Hi there;

    Wondering if anyone has a plugin or hack for having 2 separate images per post, depending on your view.

    I’d like to have a small thumbnail image for the “teaser” (front page), but I want to have a larger image when you click through to view the entire article.

    Has anyone seen anything like this?


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  • I wrote my css so that if the image is on the index page it’s 50% of the height and width. Seemed easier than a plugin.

    Seems like an interesting idea… I’d like to try it – would you mind sharing the CSS? or a link?

    I predefined what size would be a good fit for my blog based on the entry width.

    Mind you this does require me to manually set a class with each image as I upload it to determine if it’s horizontal or vertical. Otherwise it’s fine.

    .postimgh {

    .entry .postimgh {

    .postimgv {
    margin: 5px;

    .entry .postimgv {

    Makes sense, I see what you’re saying. One more question: If you’re defining a class in your post for the size of the image, how is it being changed once you’re reading the entire article instead of just viewing the home page ‘teaser’?

    Do you have an example post anywhere?

    I’m not using links in this post but you could, but if you scroll down my index page to “the orange man” post, there are three pictures which are smaller on the index page and then larger on the post page when you open the permalink. All you’d have to do is link the images with the permalink.

    Yes, I know it’s manual coding, but it’s better than waiting on a plugin.

    The index page has .entry class divs around each teaser post but the post pages don’t have that class on them. Therefore, on the post page, the default css is used.

    I’d recommend using my hide/show plugin. With it, you can show a thumbnail in list mode, but show the full image/video in full read mode.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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