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  • two big problems. i have searched & read and found nothing.

    number 1: my comments aren’t working. it says there are 0 comments when really there will be one or more comments. i haven’t updated my theme or changed anything, all i did was upgrade to 2.0 & then suddenly it started doing that.

    number 2: this problem right here:
    no one answered that person so i guess they probably won’t answer me either, but i’ve tried setting the permissions of the file to 777 and it still says the same thing. HELP? (you can help in that link if you want to since that poor person pretty much got ignored)

    i know the “ones” who know what they’re doing get pretty fed up with some of us that… well… don’t… but could you please try to help 🙁

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  • i couldn’t find a place to edit the db_version in wp_options in my database.

    i do have spam karma 2 and could try downloading the “fix” or whatever for it…

    still worried because i suck at this stuff.

    no problem man. Go download the new version of Spam Karma 2.1 Beta here:
    Deactivate your current Spam Karma Plugin. Delete the Spam Karma folder in your plugins folder. Upload the new beta version. Get the SK2-WP2compatability plugin and place it in the Spam Karma plugins folder.
    Activate Spam karma from your dashboard. go into SK’s options page and enable the SK2-WP2compatability plugin.
    Your comments should now appear.
    I’ve heard that sometimes the count won’t appear after doing this, but if you run your comments through the plugin it will count them, I think.

    oops, a link to the SK2-WP2compatability plugin would help, too wouldn’t it? 🙂

    i’m a girl 😉

    but this actually helped my comments problem. now if i can just figure out the editing one!!!! thanks so much, sweetie!

    We’re working on it…
    Sorry about the “man” reference… I’m from Oklahoma. I call everyone “man.”

    I’m not sure if I’m repeating this or what “Man” jk, but I have the newest version of SK2, well it says FINAL and I got it from your link above. Unfortunately, when I go to the other fellas page to get the compatibilty Plug in I see his explanation and link but the link is 404. I cannot find the compadibility link and Im sure you can imagine what a drag it is for my commenters to post and see the post but see on the main page comments 0… that aafter all is the only problem I have. SK2 approves said comment, my feed sends it to feed burner, I can read it, and I get an email but in the entry meta data, I still have a big fat 0.

    Is it because I dont have the compatibilty pliugin or something else? If so…. where do I get the compatibilty plugin?

    Thanks in advance…. Athene

    P.S. Another problem I get with wp2.0 is the editing or writing a post.(entry) Sometimes the dashboard with the neet features comes up other times it doesnt. I use textile and have markup or is it markdown well that one is deactivated. Another thing is, editing a post(entry) takes forever. It used to be really fast…. could thois be because I have some conflicting plugins? The concept of 2.0 from my limited knowledge looks great but this comment thingie appearing in the entrymeta and the slow editing is a drag. I use a tweaked form of the ZINE template, could this be my problem? Strangely when I turn of SK2 and just use wp for comments, they don’t show up either.

    Help 🙁

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