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    1. How do I get the icons under fanlistings to not display like a list? (I want them to flow like text in the content does…were they line up side by side until they don’t fit anymore then they go to the next line.)
    2. How do I get my link categories to display in a certain order?…like I want “the girl” first then “the site” then “links” then “affiliates” then “fanlistings”

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  • well i figured out a way to do the second question…now i just need to figure out the first…help anyone?

    #div_NAME img
    { flow: left }
    ==> Put at the end of that div – maybe – an class Q the last pic:
    { clear:left }
    Well i think that will do..

    Why doesn’t this work? I tried it and it did nothing…
    #div_name image{
    display: inline;

    right now i’m using float:left…which kinda give it a cool stair-step effect…but if i want to add more later…it will take up too much room.

    I haven’t actually looked at your code…I went to your site and there were no icons under fanlistings, so I don’t really know what you’re referring to…
    display:inline is intended for lists, so if your icons were being marked up as a list, display:inline would work…you just need to make sure you’re defining the correct selector.
    As for float…it works fine in Mozilla, in fact it works better in Mozilla than in most browsers. Of course, it can be used incorrectly in any browser.
    If you’ve removed the icons, can you put them back in so we can see what the problem is?

    I had so much trouble that i turned off the images and i’m using text links. I’ll turn them back on until i get some assistance.

    Ok, here you go:
    add this to your style sheet:
    li#fanlistings ul li { display:inline; }

    ohh thank you so much…i think i temporarily numbed my brain last night trying to fix that…

    I see you got your link categories to display in a different order too. Would you mind sharing with us how you did that? Thanks!

    I put spaces before the category names. 1 space in front of the first, 2 in front of the second, etc, etc…

    !! 🙂 And of course they don’t render on the page.
    What a clever and easy solution! Thanks, you rock!

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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