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  • First off, my audio player question is not resolved. I click insert into post, but the management controls then disappear without giving me any code in the post or inserting the audio player. Am I forced to do this manually? Now onto my new question, about child themes. I created a child theme and uploaded it to my site last night, but it generated a fatal error and would not activate. I figured it was something wrong with the changes I made to loop.php, so I modified those lines of code I thought were wrong and was prepared to upload the theme again. When I went to install the new theme however, it said the folder already existed and the installation failed. So then I thought “ok, if that’s the case, I’ll just go into the theme editor and replace the version of loop.php that’s here with my corrected version.” So, I went into the theme editor, but it gave me an error saying that the theme does not exist. I could just rename the zip folder, putting a number after the theme name, but I’d like to not have my themes list cluttered with broken themes. How can I resolve this?

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    Bob, stop bumping, it’s against the rules here. And yes, we will delete them on sight.

    If you edited a default theme, you need to delete it before you upload the original. You can’t use the zip uploaded if the folder is already there. Also? Don’t edit themes directly, you should use a child theme.

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    Bob, I have answered on one of your different posts about the audio player.

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