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[Resolved] Two questions regarding the changes in 3.3

  • I uploaded beta 3 on a test site that was running 3.2.1 and updated, I thought I would ask here before filing a bug because this is perhaps intended behavior…

    FIrst, the admin pages loads the style.css file from the current active theme layout and color clashes and general odd looking stuff.

    The update added a quicktags-toolbar (two in fact) to the top of every admin page, these look really funny and are over 500 pixels high each and very much in our face. How can this be disabled since we have no use for this feature?

    Screen shot

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  • Something has gone strange there. I haven’t seen any of that behaviour before.

    Are you using any plugins at all, or any custom theme on this test site?

    If so, deactivate any of them, as they may not be compatible yet.

    Where can I find a list of API changes? If I disable TinyMCE through the complete installation the QT fields disappear.



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    Thanks esmi, it says “Updated quicktags.js (HTML editor)” but nothing more, guess I will have to wait until more information is available.

    From http://wordpress.org/news/2011/11/wordpress-3-3-beta-3-available/

    As always, plugin and theme authors, PLEASE test your code against the beta so you can catch any incompatibilities now rather than after your users update their WordPress installation and find bugs for you. This time we really mean it, especially if your plugin uses jQuery. We’ve now updated to jQuery 1.7 in core, so please please pretty please check your plugins and themes against beta 3.

    Ipstenu, I think these extra toolbars are caused by some server-side thing since they show up even if I disable JavaScript in the browser. If I prevent TinyMCE from being loaded in the core files, they do not show up.

    Where are you disabling TinyMCE? Is this a PLUGIN or the one in core? Have you tested with the default 2011 theme?

    I’m using it right now without issues, and so are a great deal of people, which is why we’re thinking it’s something special 🙂

    I am preventing TinyMCE from loading in WORDPRESS’ core files (not in any plugin). If I edit edit.php and post-new.php TinyMCE stops loading and the odd quicktags disappear.

    Yeah, this is a very big ‘Works for Us’ problem :/ Which is to say, you’re the only one having it.

    So. The basics are where we have to start 😀

    Did you disable ALL the plugins on your site?

    Did you try using the default (2011) theme?

    Sorry if this is an overly simplistic suggestion, but have you tried clearing your browser cache? jQuery, especially, has ninja-like abilities to remain in the browser cache.

    niklasbr – Is this still going on?

    Did you try turning off all plugins and themes?

    Have you flushed your browser cache?

    Have you tried on RC1?

    We’re getting close to release and if this is still an issue, we’d like to bash it out 🙂

    I gave up trying to load the stylesheet via the normal wp_register_style and wp_enqueue_style and just hardcoded <link rel=”stylesheet” … into the html.

    FIrst, the admin pages loads the style.css file from the current active theme layout and color clashes and general odd looking stuff.

    This sounds like you were loading your stylesheet on the ‘wp_print_scripts’ hook, something which shouldn’t be done but something that the Codex suggested was the right thing to do. #19510

    Thank you Dion Hulse, suddenly things make more sense.

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