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    My website is:

    First question: A while ago I finally figured out how to get rid of the border around the logo, without getting rid of the border around all the other images. Because I had some problems later I started using the original functions and header files, and now I can’t seem to remove that border again. I just forgot how I did that. Can anyone help me with it?

    Second question: As you can see I have got some weird litte plus sign in the right corner of my website. It opens a white space. How can I remove it?

    Thanks a million.

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  • Always make a backup copy of any code before changing it.

    To get rid of the plus sign find you image folder in your theme folder and delete the file named banner-open.png

    In your style css you may find the code for it too, something like #open-banner { delete that too.

    Always make a backup copy of any code before changing it.

    To get rid of the black border around the logo find `img {
    border: solid black 1px;
    }` in your style.css and change the 1px to 0px

    If you want to remove that plus sign properly, remove the following code from your theme template…

    <!-- Top Banner -->
    <div class="top-banner">
    <div id="banner-content">
    <span id="open-banner"></span>
    <span id="close-banner"></span>

    it will most likely be in the header.php file. Removing the css only will still leave the link in place.

    As @awkesblog2 mentioned though, make sure you backup your theme files first before making any changes.

    Re your image border, if you want to leave the 1px border around your images and only remove it from the logo, then add this style to your stylesheet…
    .logo-link img { border:none; }

    If you use the css mentioned by @awkesblog2, it will remove the border from ALL images.

    Wow, two things solved! Thanks very much.

    I did back-up for a second by the way. I just overlooked the border and thought everyting was perfect again. A bit stupid, yeah.

    Awesome! Glad everything is sorted 🙂
    Can you please mark this topic as resolved. Thanks for that

    Yes, thanks again!

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