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  • 1.) how do i change the allowed html tags for my posts?
    2.) How do my users submit their post drafts for review and how/where do I review them?

    Many thanks in advance

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  • Stopping HTML in Comments might give you some insight into how to stop them in comments, but I’m not sure if there is a way to limit them in posts as they are either entered manually or via quicktags. Using a plugin like TextControl will allow you some control over the way the tags and layout is generated on a global and per post basis, but I’m not sure that would work in this situation. You can make it a rule for submission for which HTML tags to be allowed or not and then check it when you review the articles.
    Will help you determine user levels and review issues.

    I’m sorry but this doesn’t really answer my question. Is there a file I need to edit?

    Did you read the first link she posted?

    “To disable HTML in comments, or just individual HTML tags, you need to edit the file kses.php in the wp-includes folder.”

    1) After writing a lengthy reply to answer the wrong question as well (restricting tags for comments) I now realise that wasn’t the question 🙂

    Maybe you could just cleverly hide the tags you don’t want from the Quicktag bar? Hmm… is there really not a plugin for restricting tags in posts? I will investigate

    2) The last Codex link Lorelle gave you gives more information on the user levels. It seems that only level 1 users are restricted to posting drafts. (Create a new user and see what you can do with each level).

    Well, I created a user and tested it out 🙂 You can see the drafts in the Manage “tab” at the very top. It says “Other’s Drafts”. Then you can edit and publish them.

    I vaguely remember there being a bug concerning drafts but I can’t remember what it was or if it’s still an issue. I didn’t notice anything weird, at least.

    Edit I found this: a plugin Post Moderation This plugin allows posts by authors at or below a certain level to be queued for moderation. Authors at or above a certain level to approve posts for publishing.
    I would at least allow a little better level for the users (if needed)

    It’s not a case of disallowing tags but allowing more tags,

    IN POSTS, comments are irrelevant.

    And I’ve found out about drafts now, but is there any more information about my first question?

    Which tags do you think you’re not allowed to use?

    I’m pretty sure “everything” (XHTML) is allowed in posts, it’s just a matter of is there a quicktag for that already. Look at the quicktags.js (probably in wp-admin) and add new tags

    And like I said, I realized you were talking about posts.

    Ignore quick tags, that is not my question.

    I think stuff like the border tag on tables I’m not allowed, because basically I’m sending an HTML newsletter to my blog, and some of the tags that it uses aren’t allowed.

    On my site, EVERYTHING I put in the Write Post has HTML and XHTML. EVERYTHING.

    I use the TextControl plugin to manually set the generated formatting results on a per post basis. Since I almost always include massive HTML in my posts, I have also set the global settings to not format the posts and to rely upon the HTML for presentation.

    Tables in design are BAD (she screams to the world but no one listens 😉 ) and not for design. Tables are for DATA only. So if you are including a table for data, like the population numbers for four European cities, then you can either give the table a “class” and add that to your style sheet as a permanent “look” for all of those tables, or (ugh) just manually add the border and colors and so on.

    What might be happening is the wpautop format that is the default for posts within WordPress, whose job is to turn non HTML writing into HTML, is converting your tags. It has nothing to do with everything we’ve already discussed, to a point. You want to control the use of HTML, use TextControl.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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