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    FAQ manager – two queries

    listing – currently I have 22 FAQ’s in my file and want to list all together on one page

    instruction [faq faq_topic=”overview”] onlys shows 10 items (or all across several pages if pagination box ticked).

    instuctions [faq faq_topic=”overview”] and on line below [faq limit=”-1″] display all on one page but lists the first 10 items, then starts again with full list of all 22 items?

    if I swap above two instructions around, putting unlimited instruction first, then list does the full 22 and then adds the first 10 questions onto the end of the list?

    fonts – trying to use theme fonts throughout (tahoma)
    if I tick the ‘Load default CSS’ box I get the a courier type face, bold for the questions, and regular weight for the answers – which is as expected.

    But if I untick the default CSS box, I get the same courier typeface, but reduced to regular weight, for the questions, and the answers have a mix – some paragraphs (even within the same question) using a smaller courier typeface and some the theme’s tahoma typeface.

    not sure where to look to resolve these inconsistencies

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  • I seem to have resolved first problem by combining faq_topic followed by limit in same set of brackets as follows [faq faq_topic=”overview” limit=”-1″] Didn’t seem to work the previous time I tried adding them together?

    regarding the font problem, whether the settings box ‘load default CSS’ is ticked or not, where there is more than one paragraph in the answer to a question, the first paragraph of the answer is always in courier (presumably default font), and any subsequent paragraphs are in the ‘theme font’ (tahoma in this case).

    Plugin Author Andrew Norcross


    can you provide a link to your site? it seems like a theme issue, but I’d wanna look to make sure.

    the current site is under development – the basic url currently defaults to the old website, so suggest you access the new site via a menu page – will this be sufficient?

    I’ve since discovered that if I do a double break rather than a ‘return’ for a new paragraph (ie a <b> instead of <p>) then the font follows on as courier – and this I’ve now done for those answers where there are more than one paragraph, so the inconsistency is no longer obvious to the reader. But I will, just to illustrate the problem, add a couple of paragraphs by doing a normal ‘return’ to the first question / answer.

    I haven’t resolved picking up the ‘theme’ font yet.

    Plugin Author Andrew Norcross


    I looked at your site, and something is applying the <code> wrapper around the H6 tag you are using, and also to a lot of the <p> tags as well. Firebug shows it, but it’s not in the actual source code, so that is being applied after initial load. Your site has a LOT of jQuery / javascript, so I’d have to guess that is where it’s coming from. (not sure if it’s theme or plugin loading it)

    I’d first try to view it on the default WP theme to see if it’s still happening. If not, then either you’d need to find what is wrapping that text in <code> or possibly add CSS to make that look like normal text.

    Okay, I guessed it might be the theme – I’ll do some digging around – thanks, and I will let you know what we find in due course.

    I have, since posting the above paragraph, tried another theme – and the fonts etc work perfectly – so yes, it is the theme (or a component thereof) that we are using which is causing the problem.

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