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  • I’m new to WordPress. I am testing this blog for a client and want to be able to seamlessly show it to her without bumbling. It was relatively simple to upload and set up but I’m stumped on Themes and Publishing. Themes. I have downloaded a few themes and uploaded them to wp-content/themes/’themename’ and when I try to access the theme thru presentation under admin rights ALL my themes come up as Broken. All state that the template is missing. This includes the default and the classic themes. Publishing I have attempted to publish an entry and I can create it and view it but if I click Publish nothing happens. They remain in my drafts and I can go back in to them and then click publish and it takes me to a site that shows it but if I go back to the main page it comes up with an error Not Found Sorry, but you are looking for something that isn’t here. I waited thinking maybe there is a delay in posting but I came back 30 mins later and it still is showing as a draft. Is it something that I’m doing wrong? I have uploaded all the files again to my site

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  • Hello,
    I don’t know very much to WP core, but it looks to me that the whole WordPress is broken. Did you try to reinstall everything? Did you take the last version?
    Try install everything step by step, and check if it works after each step : 1st the default theme, then write a post and publish it. If it works, install a new theme etc.
    Good luck.

    What is that wierd squirly thing in your uri?

    Melissa, this happened to me and I tracked it down to permission problems. Just as a test, set everything (including folders) to 777 and see if it fixes it. If it does, then start backing down the permissions to something sensible

    Nabglobtrotter – I haver reinstalled it twice with the same issues. I even re-downloaded it from to make sure I wasn’t grabbing the same ‘broken’ files (if that was the case) I checked the file on the server against the files in my WP folder on my machine.

    Root – it’s a tilde

    jtclicker – thank you as soon as my guru gets back from vacation I’ll have him take a look at the permissions on our cobalt.

    Thank you all for your input. 🙂

    Oh its a tilde. Heck I didn’t know that. But what is it doing there? And do you have any idea all what effect it has?

    As far as I know it just denotes a user directory. This is one of our store sites and the programmer gave me access so that I could test the blog.

    And you wonder why your blog can’t find anything? Never trust a geek. You need a proper url.

    We’re all geeks aren’t we? Then YOU tell me what the problem with the tilde is.

    The only thing I can see (without going down the tilda road) is that the categories widget shows no categories. If you’ve made a post then I would expect there to be at least the default (“uncategorized” I think).

    Perhaps you could go to the manage – categories and check and make sure you have one?

    Cornell_Finch Thank you, yes I do have categories. I have created 2 new categories as well as the two default categories. I deleted the default post ‘Hello, World’ but that was after I tried to post something and it would only appear as a draft. I wanted to see if I could actually make a change and the post deleted I just can’t post anything else.


    Ok, it’s dumb question time…

    When you write the post the default category is ticked yes?

    Can you get to the database? Does the post information show up in the tables in the database?

    Cornell_Finch There aren’t any dumb questions. Yes when I write the post the default category is ticked. I did change that to a category I had created. I removed the password as it defaults to array and I don’t want my posts to be password protected. I wrote the post then clicked ‘save’ then I clicked ‘publish’ it took me back to an empty write page and my post was underlined after ‘drafts’ I clicked on it and clicked publish again and also changed the tick to publish along the side this had no effect except this time it took me to a blog page that showed what it would look like on my blog. YET it didn’t appear on the blog and still shows under draft. The only thing I can do is FTP into the site. The programmer created the DB for me but I have the UID and PW.

    Ok, tech question, are you on an apache (linux) or IIS (windows) server?

    Is there any way your can get your programmer to remove the tilde?

    I’m thinking at the moment that the db needs emptied, the tilde needs to go (Don’t know why, just doesn’t feel right) and the wp core files need to be re-uploaded.

    OH strike that reverse it. It doesn’t come up to a screen that shows me what it would look like. I had actually clicked the preview link. Sorry about the misinformation

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 38 total)
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