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  • 1. try Login With Ajax –

    2. try Events > Settings > Emails > Booking Email Templates > Disable new registration email =No

    Plugin Author Marcus


    It appears NOT to be compatible with this plug-in.

    Last time I checked TML was compatible… what doesn’t work specifically?

    However, it doesn’t create a password.

    It does, you should get a seperate email with the password (see above). You can’t predefine a password, but in Pro you can assign a custom password field so they choose it when registering.


    When TML is not enabled, everything seems to be fine. EV sends passwords to new users and existing users can login and register.

    When TML is enabled, it doesn’t seem to work correctly. So, for example, I finally got the login to work but, when someone is logged in, the login button is supposed to change to logout. It doesn’t.

    I also can’t get the Edit Profile option to work. And I get strange redirects to pages that don’t exist. I am using the latest version of that plugin.

    Here’s the reason I need TML – we are enrolling students in our photography seminars and we simply have to get more information from them when they login. Like the camera make and model they will be bringing. I can add those fields to the WordPress profile, but I can’t let them into the dashboard to edit/complete their profile information. TML in theory will do that in a themed page – and it does on some of our other sites.

    Does this help?

    Plugin Author Marcus


    those are some odd errors. does it only happen when EM is activated along with TML?


    As far as I know I am using the most current version of each plugin.

    what happens if you try to disable all other plugins or temporarily reverting back to default theme?

    Activate only plugins: EM and TML
    Theme: Twenty twelve

    I can use either one of the plugins with any theme without a problem. The problems only occur when I use both at the same time.

    Once, when I activated the TML plugin and then EM, everything worked briefly. Then, I edited a page, and it all fell apart again.

    When you say you edited a page, do you mean a template or a page inside WordPress admin?

    I’m guessing you mean a page in WP admin, in which case did you activate anything unusual like adding a custom field or something like that?

    Yes, I was in wp-admin. I created a new page from within my template. Nothing fancy. No new code. Just added a description of a seminar we offer.

    Once, when I activated the TML plugin and then EM, everything worked briefly. Then, I edited a page, and it all fell apart again.

    this is weird since it works for a moment then issue re-occurs; do you have any caching plugins? and/or how about when you try to re-save permalinks at WP settings > permalinks?

    To the best of my knowledge, I am not using any caching plug-ins.

    I have not altered the permalinks at all. Only this plug-in seems to be effected. I can try saving the permalinks as you have suggested.

    Other than that, I can’t figure this out……

    Plugin Author Marcus


    I’m still wondering if there’s a third plugin involved here… have you tried this with just EM and LWA enabled?

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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