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    I’m using a Theme called Gallery from Organized Themes. There is a plugin built into the Theme. It’s a variation of wp_cycle. It’s been working great until today.

    I tried adding a new plug-in called Sermon Browser. We’d worked with it on another site and has no problems. I got an error as soon as I tried to work with it. Tried to change some settings on the plugin to see if that would fix it. Instead I got locked out saying that another plugin called W3 Total Cache was not working and needed to be reinstalled or deleted. Since I couldn’t get into the admin pages of WordPress I deleted it using filezilla. Got in okay but it then couldn’t find any of my plugins. I found that somehow my plugin file got moved to another directory. (Seems strange but I found a forum where someone had the same exact trouble with W3 Total Cache.) Any way after I moved the plugin directory back to where it was supposed to be, I had to reactivate all the plugins and reset some settings on some of them.

    Everything works as before EXCEPT the slideshow. I can get into the admin part of it fine. I can add and delete slides fine. But it will not load. I’ve gone so far as to rename my directory, create a new directory with the old name and reinstall a week old backup of the entire website. The slideshow will not load. See it spin at

    Does anyone have any ideas? How can I troubleshoot this? This is a live site so I need to fix quick. Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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