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    I know that this issue has been discussed earlier but the answer didn’t help me.

    I’ve installed the lite version and I’m also using the Simplicity theme from Olegnax (http://simplicitywp.olegnax.com/portfolio/). When clicking on a thumbnail it opens up in two separate windows. I have no other plugins installed.

    Do you have any idea why this happens and what I might do to get rid of the “other” popup image?

    I’m about to buy the Pro version but I need to know that this can be solved before I make the buy.

    Unfortunately, I can’t provide you with a link to the site since it’s not live yet.

    Thanks in advance!


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    Simplicity theme use lightbox for default image popup, just need to do a little modification to your theme or you can check may be there is option to disable the lightbox from the theme control panel.

    Thanks for your quick reply! 🙂

    I’ve been checking through all the settings for the theme but I can’t find out how to disable the lightbox option. Damn, I really want this portfolio to work. :/


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    We can help you, just contact us here : http://ghozylab.com/contactus/

    Plugin Author GhozyLab



    Here are steps to solve issue with Simplicity theme:

    1. Go to /wp-content/plugins/easy-media-gallery/includes/
    2. Edit frontend.php file and paste code bellow :



    return old ? old + ' ' + add : add; });

    3. DONE.

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