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  • galderna


    I’m just trying Quotes Collection plugin and all I can say about it is not but praise. Wonderful plugin indeed!

    Now, I’m missing two or three additional features (fields) that I’d like to suggest:

    1) & 2) So far, the output style for each quote is like this:

    —Author [optional], source [optional] (in italics)

    I’ve also noticed that the author and source input fields get stripped from the HTML tags when saving a quote. (The “source” field does however keep the link tags inside, which somehow allows its styling).

    I would like to keep them all intact in order to easily style them all or, better still, get a couple of additional fields, such as “author life span” and “author brief description”, to use them like this:

    —Author [optional] (author-life-span) [optional] author-brief-description [optional]
    Source [optional]


    “Avoid doing what you would blame others for doing.”
    -Thales (ca. 600 BC) Greek philosopher
    Source: “Golden Rule,” in Wikipedia, Web: Wikipedia Foundation Inc., Nov. 2018, URL: (last accessed 15 Mar 2019)

    3) Another useful feature would be an “internal” field so-called, for instance, “Additional information”, “Comments”, etc. This field might be used in order to save extra information associated with the quote, even its very source, when we don’t want it to be displayed.

    Hope this may be helpful. Thank you very much.


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