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  • I would like to give my customers two options of Weight based shipping. Something like this:

    1) Weight based shipping – Regular Air Mail
    2) Weight based shipping – Registered Air Mail

    I thought having a second instance of the plugin could work. Does anyone know how I can achieve this? Or any other solution?


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  • I have the same problem and have come across your threads on this. If you are still interested, I think I have successfully created a second instance of AWD. I’ve not thoroughly tested it yet, but all appears to be working up to checkout, so is promising.
    I see that a few people would like this facility, but I am a bit nervous about saying I have a solution at present, but I would be happy to share with you so that you too could put it through it’s paces.
    Let me know if you are interested.

    Hi leodoggy. Great to hear this and Im most definitely interested. Please share your code (here or PM). My site is not live and is backed up so Im happy to test. Thanks very much!

    Hi demon11c,

    Sorry for the delay – messages ended up in wrong place! I’ll happily send you the modified plugin.

    I’m completely new at this forum business – how do I PM you?

    hmmm, seems we can’t PM here. Do you mind emailing me at: AT gmail.c o m

    Hi! I am having the same problem. Do you mind sharing your plugin? email: junkmail926 at gmail dot com.

    Hi, me too. I am having the same problem. email: medgedecastro at gmail dot c0m. thank you 🙂

    Hey!leodoggy, could you send me that extremly useful code?
    Thank you !


    Sir. Please. I beg you.
    I too am having issues with this plugin. So so so ridiculously frustrating. Is it at all possible for you to share this code with me as well?

    [email address moderated – these forums do not provide support via email]

    I’ll seriously send you a bottle of wine…or whatever. Seriously.

    Thanks and Cheers!

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    leodoggy – It would be best if you could just put the code up on github or such so anyone can download it. Asking people to email you is an invitation to spam and it’s just … not as fun as you’d think.

    Also this way people don’t pester you anymore 😉



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    Please try or

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