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  1. Adriandc
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hi folks, just wondering is it possible to have two "Next Match" widgets where there are two different size thumbnails.

    This is the function in image.php

    Widget.php is using this

    $out .= "<p class='logos'><img class='home_logo' src='".$teams[$match->home_team]['logo']."' alt='' />V <img class='away_logo' src='".$teams[$match->away_team]['logo']."' alt='' /></p>";
    Also there is a function that creates the thumbnail and then another function that uploads it to the 'logo' field in the database.

    Im wondering is there anything that could be done in widget.php that reads a new logo or something? Or is there a much easier solution?
    any help would be great thanks

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