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  • I’ve had two new plugins received into the WordPress plugins directory:

    1. No Weak Passwords
    This plugin forbids any password from OpenWall (Solar Designer)’s lists of common passwords, gathered from analysing major site break-ins. If an of your users are using one of these passwords then it’s easy to crack into your site – with 1 request per second, the hackers can be in inside half an hour on average.

    2. Add Email Signature
    Add a configurable signature (for branding, or legalese, etc.) to all outgoing emails sent from your site via wp_mail (which is all of them if your plugins are behaving properly).

    I funded the time I spent developing these free plugins for the community partly out of an uptick in sales for [link moderated] WordShell (WP admin from the shell).

    Many thanks,

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