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  1. laurashapiro
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I am using the Minimal theme. I created a static front page for my site, but am still using the blog features. The site is here: http://www.sfcounseling.net.

    When I navigate to the blog, both "HOME" and "BLOG" are highlighted. A look at the source reveals that both are being identified as the current_page_item:

    <li class="page_item current_page_item"><a href="http://www.sfcounseling.net">Home</a></li>

    and then:

    <li class="page_item page-item-5 current_page_item"><a href="http://www.sfcounseling.net/blog/" title="Blog">Blog</a></li>

    Also, when I navigate to an individual blog post, "HOME" is highlighted but "BLOG" is not. Here's an example. Source code shows that WP thinks that "HOME" is the current_page_item -- how do I convince it otherwise?

    Any ideas?

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