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  • I’m building my website and I have encountered two problems.

    1. When I post my text, it looks like regular text. When I view the page, the first letter of the text is huge. If it’s a url, you see the h in http large and separate. I have amnesia but I sort of remember having this issue previously and y’all told me how to fix it.

    2. To add the images, I click on img and it requires the link to the image. The image is on the website that sells the products. I tried using the link but it appears as a link of text. It isn’t converting to the image. Am I doing anything wrong?

    I can’t ftp the images to my server to link them. iPad and disability are my excuses. However, I can get help with this if needed. But I’d love to solve this issue and not ask for help with ftp.

    Thank you.

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  • Zworthkey



    For first letter being capital big because the the option of drop-cap wordpress should be enabled.

    For others issue it would be better if you give site link.

    Thank You

    Thread Starter SickSquirrelTwo


    Thank you. How do I unenable the drop cap options?

    I’d prefer not to post the url of my website. It’s not done yet obviously and looks odd.

    I think that I solved it by finding someone to ftp the images for me. If not, I’ll be back!

    Thread Starter SickSquirrelTwo


    Found it!



    سلام؛ این مشکل برای سایت (فرانو) ما هم پیش آمده بود که نیاز به کمک داریم.

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