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    So I’m a novice, and everything I’ve learnt has been in the past week or two by setting up my own site.

    I began with WordPress, using the Erratic theme by VPS Hosting, then integrated the wp-ecommerce plugin, now I want a forum on my site, so I went for Buddypress as it seemed to have the best functionality.

    I used the Buddypress Template Pack to integrate it into my theme, and now I have two problems:
    1. The Buddypress Admin Bar is fine on all my WordPress pages, but once I go into a Buddypress page, the admin bar disappears and leaves an unsightly empty space at the top of my pages.
    2. My theme is fine on all my WordPress pages, but when I go to a Buddypress page the bottom half doesn’t align correctly. The sidebar and widgets are fine, the Buddypress content is laid out just how it should be, but the bottom half of the padding and the footer are aligned way over to the right.

    As I say, these issues only appear on the Buddypress pages, not on the WordPress pages. I was at it all day yesterday and all last night searching through Google and all my theme files trying to figure out what is up, but I’m just too new at this.

    Oh, and I do apologise for posting this up on here but I tried the and for some reason the type fields didn’t show up so I couldn’t type up a new topic =( So many issues!

    I was tempted to just go for another plugin, but after seeing the Buddypress admin bar all over my website, I grew very accustomed to it and want to keep it there now… Any suggestions or help that anyone can offer on fixing these two problems for me would be so greatly appreciated!



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    I tried the and for some reason the type fields didn’t show up so I couldn’t type up a new topic =(

    Curious, what browser were you using?

    now I want a forum on my site, so I went for Buddypress as it seemed to have the best functionality.

    You do know that bbPress, the forum application which BuddyPress installs internally, can now also be installed separately from BuddyPress

    BuddyPress Template Pack – Theme Issues

    After installing and activating BP template pack plugin, you still have to go through the compatibility process

    Thanks @mercime.

    1. I’m using Internet Explorer 8, but it also didn’t work when I used Safari on iPad later. Not sure why.

    2. I did check out bbPress actually, but I dunno – I prefered the look of BuddyPress. I like to know I can use the extra social functions if I want to =)

    3. Thanks for the links, they brought me great pleasure as they really break down the process into an easy to understand method. I really wanted to say that by now my site is now BuddyPress compatible… But it isn’t.

    I think the code for my template is just completely mental, but I really can’t figure out which part of it I need to compare with the BuddyPress Template Pack code in order to know what part to adjust. I mean, the instructions are simple enough to understand, but the two codes just look completely different! Seriously.

    Plus, aside from the alignment issue, I still don’t know why the BuddyPress admin bar keeps vanishing on all my BuddyPress pages. I can see this is going to drive me to distraction now. I did message the producers of my theme but they don’t seem to want to reply – very supportive.



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    Don’t know how “mental” the theme can get 😉 Let’s give it a try. Post the code of page.php of your WP theme at, click on the submit button and post the generated URL here.

    Ah thanks @mercime.

    I now think much of my confusion of due to IE8 being a bit thick – I tried it all out on Safari both for iPad and Windows XP, and tried it on Chrome and in all browsers it worked just fine except the footer was still aligned too far to the right, so I’m going to have a play about now with that, but the issue with the BuddyPress admin bar vanishing and with the padder being misaligned has only happened in IE8.

    Here’s the copied code from page.php as it currently stands:

    <script src=””></script>

    Thanks muchos!


    Damn, the embed code didn’t work, here’s the link:

    Ah brilliant – I’ve finally fixed it! This one issue has taken me 5 days of fiddling around with code and Googling the hell out of the internet! =P

    Thanks so much for your support @mercime! You helped a great deal =)

    Just in case anyone else stumbles upon this post and has the same issue, I’ll go through the whole thing for all of your reference so you don’t need to be driven mad like I have been.

    Note: this is in reference to the theme called ‘Erratic’ by VPS Hosting – it’s quite a pretty theme and free – they’ve got loads of pretty themes here. (Hope I’m allowed to advertise that. I don’t work for them, honest).

    So first, I installed the BuddyPress plugin. Installation was as normal, nothing special there.

    Then, as recommended everywhere I looked, I installed the BuddyPress Template Pack. This was so that BuddyPress could be altered to work with WordPress themes.

    Then, during installation, I followed the steps 1 and 2 and was stuck on step 3. From my searches over Google, this seems to be a common occurance because all themes have different attributes so BuddyPress can’t really give instructions on how to alter everyone’s theme.

    Here are the instructions that @mercime gave me that helped a lot – read them carefully.

    I hadn’t found these instructions on Google so I was dead chuffed when they were directed to me =)

    So the list of files to edit are on that page, good. Using an FTP client (I used FileZilla) I sought the files and got ready to edit them.

    Now, remember, this is specific to Erratic.

    It’s all in the Footer. At the end of all these files you should see this:

    ‘ <?php locate_template( array( ‘sidebar.php’ ), true ) ?>

    <?php get_footer() ?>’

    Leave that first line as it is and from the space between lines, highlight the rest and replace with the footer code found at the end of the page.php file.

    This should now show:

    ‘ <?php locate_template( array( ‘sidebar.php’ ), true ) ?>

    <?php get_footer(); ?>’

    Then repeat on all the stated files and it works! Well, it works for me =)

    Hope that’s helpful to anyone!

    All the best,


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